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We recently showed up at a home and found, what can only be described as, probably one of the worst stains we have ever seen. Apparently the lady’s son had vomited on the carpet after consuming too much beer, red wine and pizza. The result was photographed below. At first, I almost told the customer that there was probably little chance of removing this kind of stain completely. (She had called us 2 days after event, and it took us another day to get her scheduled.)

But of course we would try. Below is the result. This was accomplished by use of proper training, and implementing the correct techniques, to remove this stain. It was actually a 5 step process. The key: our great citrusolution. The solution was able to penetrate the stain, break it up, and allow it to be removed.

We finished the process by using a anti-microbial solution to kill any germs that the citrusolution may have missed, and also added an oxidizer to the area to prevent any returning stains.

Of course, we were pleasantly suprised at the great outcome..but we should not have been. We are constantly amazed on how well this citrusolution works to remove spots, dirt and, yes, even some aweful stains. This customer was planning on replacing the entire room of carpet (min of $500), now she dosen’t have to.

This kind of stain removal is not easy, it takes patience and knowledge of use of some harsh chemicals. You can see from the “before” photo that the customer tried something to clean it, then realized that she better call a professional, and rang us at Lowcountry Citrus Solution. I’m glad she did.



If you have a need for general carpet cleaning, or specialized stain removal, like this, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for an appointment today!

Randy Stuckey, owner

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Carpet Cleaning on James Island!

Lowcountry Citrus Solution is located on James Island, making us one of your easiest carpet cleaning choices. We opened the business in the fall of 2009, bringing this nationally known concept to Charleston from Atlanta, Ga. Currently there are over 90 locations across the country, and more locations growing every month. At Lowcountry Citrus Solutions, we are setting new standards for service and professionalism throughout the area. Have you ever been tempted by the $99 whole house special? It usually turns into several hundred dollars after they arrive. We never use these “bait and switch” tactics or up-sell. We offer flat rate pricing- fair pricing for great carpet cleaning on James Island.

We recently cleaned a home on James Island belonging to a local realtor. When we arrived, she stated that several weeks after she moved in, spots and stains started appearing in the carpet. After we started to clean, we realized that there was so much soap in the carpet (left by some other cleaner who did not know what they were doing) that it was attracting dirt. We used our citrusolution to treat and scrub the carpet, removing all the soap, and any stains that had come up. The result was very good. We even followed up with a phone call the next day to see if any stains had re-appeared, nothing, “carpet looks and smells great!”

This scenario happens over and over with our exclusive citrusolution cleaner. It’s derived from orange, lemon and grapefruit peels. This is why our customers made our slogan:


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