Charleston Upholstery Cleaning


For furniture cleaning, remember, our CitruSolution is a dry cleaning solvent, therefore we want to work the solution into the material in order for it to start the cleaning process. First, we pre-spray our CitruSolution on all the fabric. We use a special spray tip that sprays the solution lightly and evenly. Then, using an extractor, we extract all heavily used areas like cushions, arm rests, back area, etc.

Because the extraction process does remove some dirt along with some CitruSolution, we then go back and pre-spray those area again, lightly. Then we use cotton cloths to wipe in the solution on all of the fabric, making sure the solution is evenly spread throughout. Any remaining dirt is removed and transferred on the rags.

Finally, we lightly spray the material with an anti-microbial (all natural) and wipe that in. We include this process for all furniture, at no extra charge. The anti-microbial is made from a thyme extract, it it is great for killing any germs or microbes that the citrus may miss, and provides additional odor control.

Most upholstery cleaners just go straight to the extraction process, using hot water extraction similar to steam cleaning. This process can put too much water on the material without really cleaning it. Applying the CitruSolution is the key. Our process takes a little longer, but the results are worth the extra time.

Drying time varies with type of material and amount of solution needed to clean, but most furniture takes 1-3 hours to completely dry.

Furniture Price/Rate
Sofa/Couch $80
Love Seat $70
Chair/Over Sized $40-$50
Ottoman $20
Sectional Starting at $125


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